It is the intent of The Paranormal Source, Inc. to gain a better understanding of paranormal occurrences through proper data collection, thorough documentation and direct, honest experience. We seek to provide reliable and professional assistance to those involved in a reportedly paranormal experience, resulting in a better understanding of how to handle any given situation.

This field is wrought with misconceptions of what investigating the paranormal really entails, or how investigations should be handled. We work to correct these misconceptions so that unity between investigators and researchers can be reached and good effective work can be done in the field. Sharing our knowledge and experience in the field with other investigative organizations will assist in the overall progress and validity of paranormal research.

  • There is absolutely NO FEE OR CHARGE associated with conducting an investigation.
  • Safety of the team, as well as the client is our number one priority.
  • We approach every case with an open-mind, while maintaining scientific protocol in evidence collection.
  • We do not exclude anyone (whether they are an investigator or a client) due to differences in spiritual or religious beliefs.
  • We document every case as thoroughly as possible to ensure precise interpretation of events.
  • We keep our commitments and communicate with every investigator and client to maintain a punctual and dependable reputation.
  • All information obtained on a case is kept confidential, unless the client is willing to share that information with others. We respect our client’s rights to privacy and strictly adhere to any confidentiality agreements we enter into.
  • We respectfully request permission prior to investigating any location, unless it is otherwise known as being open to the public for that purpose. We do not participate in or condone trespassing.

If you are interested in becoming a field investigator with The Paranormal Source, please click here to download the application, and return it to us via mail. Address information can be found on the application as well as our contact page. If you have the ability to electronically sign the document, we will also accept a submitted application via e-mail at

Please note: Advisory Director & Associate Investigator positions are strictly by invitation only.

**Effective Immediately: New member applications are currently closed. We will post an update as soon as applications are once again being accepted. Thank you for your interest.**