The Lehi Hospital : Then & Now

Beginning in the year 2005, I, April Slaughter, along with several other investigators conducted an ongoing and rather in-depth investigation of The Historic Lehi Hospital in Lehi, Utah. This building, and the phenomena I encountered within it became so dear to me that I miss it more than I can express. This is where I learned to be an investigator. This is what truly made me a believer. My mentors Chris & Nancy Peterson, along with Brian Whitesides of the now defunct Utah Ghost Hunter’s Society took on the task of investigating this building. As I lived closest to this location at the time, I was allowed entry rather frequently and took many other aspiring investigators inside to experience the hospital for themselves. I was blessed to work with my investigative partner James Boley with our team UTAH’S UNEXPLAINED at this location as well. While I had plenty of people working with me from time to time, it was not rare for me to enter the building alone and spend hours upon hours experiencing things I will not soon forget.

Lehi Hospital1

Lehi Hospital

This building served as a bank and business offices before becoming the Lehi Hospital, and also housed a basement crematory. Nearly 4,000 deaths are thought to have occurred within its walls. Local lore suggests a nurse was hung from the flagpole that used to sit atop the building, but no documentation could be found to verify this event, and therefore was never part of any presentation of known occurrences on the property.

The hospital is currently privately owned, and has in the recent years been used as a haunted house attraction during the month of October. My sister and I first approached this building one evening hoping to gain permission to investigate. The crew of the haunted house was rehearsing, and the owner was not available to ask. However, the kids were intrigued with what we were doing and why we were there, and spewed story after story of what they had experienced while working in the building. We stepped just inside to the lobby area of the hospital and I turned on my audio recorder. It is worth nothing that at the time I used only analog, and retrieved the files by copying the audio to my PC. A brand new tape was used every time (nothing was ever re-used). Just about 5 minutes after we entered the building, the front door opened and the owner asked us to leave. I was able to get in contact with him later that evening to explain we were not there to trespass or steal haunted house secrets, as he had originally assumed. The first EVP we caught in this building was this one… captured just seconds before the owner came in and asked us to leave.

Lehi Hospital EVP: “Get out quick, haaaa…”


The historic Lehi Hospital has been condemned by Lehi City officials and is slated for demolition. While I am deeply saddened by this, I am also immensely grateful for the countless hours, days, and months I spent in the building documenting paranormal activity. It will always hold a very special place in my heart.

As a tribute to the building and the spirits I got to know so well within it, I would like to share an article I wrote for TAPS Paramagazine, published in their First Anniversary issue. It was my very first paranormal article published.

The Haunting of Lehi Hospital (TAPS Paramagazine)

The Hospital in its current state (Photos courtesy of Chris Peterson):


12 Responses to “The Lehi Hospital : Then & Now”

  1. Scotty says:

    That’s a shame. Old historical architecture should be preserved and saved, not razed to the ground.

  2. admin says:

    I tried to save it years ago. I have every hope, however, that the ‘friends’ I made during my time there will remain (as long as they are happy to) and I will get to visit. Building or no building, that site has a history and always will.


  3. Jay Correia says:

    That is sad. I know the feeling of losing a location that means a lot to you. There are always new memories to be made though! You should go to Eastern State in May!

  4. Nick West says:

    I lived in an apartment conversion in this building in the 70’s. My bed was placed on the nurses station (a riser) on the second floor. At the time, much of the building was boarded off except for the photography studio out front and I believe Clover Club potato chips had an office or production facility in the rear of the building. There were still patient records strewn all over the top floor. I can attest that the place was haunted, I still have memories of many sleepless nights.

  5. Ashley says:

    I actually lived there as well when I was about five years old. My sister and I had a playroom on the second floor where a few of the spirits would actually play with us. I still remember their names. There were many times that people would try to get in and the spirits kept them out and protected us.

  6. McRae says:

    I’m not a believer in “paranormal” activities, i think there a scientific explanation for everything. After spending a couple hours in the basement (on a dare) i witnessed my first “spirit”. I’ve walked past several times since, it always gives me the creeps, even more so now that they’ve demolished it.

  7. patsy says:

    My grandmother died in the Lehi Hospital on March 19, 1927, at the age of 22, a little over one month after she gave birth to my father. She died from puerferal septicemia, which is a fancy term that the dictionary defines as “severe blood poisoning resulting from an obstetric delivery or procedure,(usually attributable to unsanitary conditions); formerly widespread but now uncommon.” It is a horribly painful, lingering death. When I read about the spirits in Lehi Hospital, I got a horrible fear that her physically agonizing death, along with her emotional agony longing to live for her only baby, could be the kind of death that would cause a spirit to be confused and to linger. I even considered coming back to Utah (we lived and my grandmother is buried in Pleasant Grove), going to the Lehi Hospital and trying to determine if she is one of the spirits. If so, I wanted to try to free her so she could be with my Dad, who passed away 11 years ago and told me he just wanted to see his mom when he died. What do I Do now? ASHLEY: Do you know the names of the spirits that played with you? Could you tell me if one of them was Laura? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  8. Brianna says:

    I went there recently It’s just the crematorium now, I got a brick from there.

  9. I was born at this hospital 58 years ago today. I got a brick from the hospital as a b-day gift today. I also had my tonsils taken out at this same place.

  10. Shannon Ashton says:

    I was the last baby born in the Haunted Lehi Hospital..My doctors name was actually Michael Myers. (same as the Halloween saga character)

  11. Scot Meyers says:

    My uncle, John Meyers, was a doctor there. He delivered my sister there, and my brother was hospitalized there when he had rheumatic fever. My uncle had several paranormal experiences there while practicing medicine. I remember my brothers and I were floating sticks down the deep gutter on the North side of the building, while we were waiting for my parents, who were visiting my brother (we kids were not allowed to visit). At one point, I sensed we were being watched, I looked up and I saw an apparition of a man near the Northwest corner of the building. I remember him smiling at us —and then he was gone. As a kid I wasn’t scared, it just seemed kind of odd to me.

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