Bill Chappell & Digital Dowsing


Allen & April Slaughter, along with Advisory Director John Melchior, have returned home from their trip to the DarknessRadio/TAPS event this past weekend, where they had the opportunity to meet with many individuals working in the paranormal research field. Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing presented information on the various devices he has engineered for researchers to test, and allowed Allen, April, and John the opportunity to work with one such device, the Ovilus I in an undisclosed area of the hotel property. Initial testing impressed our founders so much that they purchased an Ovilus I to add to their collection and will be compiling information for other researchers and those curious about the paranormal to review.


The Paranormal Source, Inc. is privileged to own and work with several ‘ghost box’ devices along with the Ovilus I, including a genuine Frank’s Box (#37), MiniBox Prototype #3, and the RS Hack (12-820).

For more information on the Ovilus I or other Digital Dowsing devices,
please visit the Official Website

5 Responses to “Bill Chappell & Digital Dowsing”

  1. Where can I purchase something like the Ovilus 1. I would like to get a piece of equipment
    that performs like the Ovilus 1 for my paranormal group.

  2. Bob Smerecki says:

    Hi Bill im trying to fins an ovilus and cant seem to find one, i read somewhere it is discontinued and they are comming out with a new item called the PX its half ovilus and half puck, and the website was only taking pre-orders from 12/15/08 to 01/01/10, and i missed that really excited to purchase an ovilus or the new px, any suggestions for me, thanx for yur time and suggestion!!

  3. regina connelly says:

    how can i order your new PX ovilus/puck device please let me know.

  4. tim says:

    how much is this liitle device and where can you buy this at

  5. Randy says:

    Bought a PX unit from Digital Dowsing. Put batteries in
    turned it on and the unit said Hello Mr. Mizereck I asked who are you and the response was the name of my
    good friend who recently passed. There were three witnesses to this response and yes that is my name!

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