C.J. Sellers – Psychic Medium


Many people contact us asking if we employ the use of psychics on our investigations. While every case is different, there are indeed those that we consult with a psychic for assistance. Over the past couple of years, I have had the incredible privilege of working with C.J. Sellers – a reputable and amazingly gifted psychic medium. Not only has C.J. brought closure to families struggling with paranormal issues, she has also provided personal support and encouragement to several of our team members.

It is exactly this reason that C.J. Sellers serves as an Advisory Director for The Paranormal Source. Personally and professionally, C.J. has exceeded all of my expectations and still continues to do so. Fortunately C.J. is available to do personal readings for anyone in search of answers or uplifting encouragement. She is very reasonably priced and is well worth the time you spend with her.

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~April Slaughter

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  1. Seo says:

    C.J. is really a beautyful woman – very seldom to see such a outstanding beauty in our business 😉

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