Private Residence / Forreston, TX

The Paranormal Source received a case referral via the TAPS Family Network in which a mother was concerned over activity reportedly focused around her 2 year-old daughter. She reported a large intimidating shadow figure moving around her daughter’s room, to which her daughter would react being extremely frightened. Apparitions (both full & partial) have been witnessed in the home by several individuals, including our investigators. EVP sessions conducted on the property revealed some interesting results which were later validated by CJ Sellers (Advisory Director of Psychical Mediumship) without giving her any details of the occurrences or investigation findings.

The case was referred to Adam Blai for review, as we as investigators believe a negative influence may be present in the home. As this is a private residence, we will not be making the evidence collected in the home available for public viewing in the interest of maintaining client confidentiality. The family is aware that we will be posting very limited information regarding their case and has given us consent to post at our discretion. We will be continually following up with this case until the family is comfortable and a resolution is reached.

UPDATE: The Paranormal Source team has met with the family and presented them with a case file that included a great deal of evidence. We are happy to report that they are receiving assistance from the Roman Catholic church and are much more at ease in their home. Our thanks go out to Adam Blai for all of his assistance.

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