Dark Hooded Figures

Dark Hooded Figure

Dark hooded figures….

Google it, and see what comes up.  Seeing all those results and reading the stories online, it makes me feel like maybe I’m the only on that hasn’t seen them.  It’s a topic that fascinates me.  Not only that they exist, but what are they? They are called many different things, but the descriptions and stories are very similar. Where do they come from?  Are they good, evil, or indifferent? Why do they come, and how do they choose who they appear to?  These are just a few of the list of questions my mind generates as I find more and more accounts of people seeing these figures.  Let me tell you why I became interested in this.

Awhile back, I was talking to my brother-in-law, Victor.  He seems to be either sensitive, or have something about him that attracts spirits to him. This also appears to run in their family.  They each have quite a few stories over the years of paranormal experiences.  When you listen to the stories, you first think how unlucky he must have been to have lived in so many haunted places throughout his life. How could someone have such bad luck to run into it again and again? But then he tells you something that makes it all clear.  It’s not the places he lives in, it’s him. He is followed.

He is 48 years old now, and he claims that he has had a dark, hooded figure appear to him, again and again, throughout his entire life.  To him, the figure looks like an old, robed, monk. It doesn’t speak.  It doesn’t gesture.  It just appears, and stares at him.  This is not while he’s coming in or out of sleep.  This is when he’s wide awake. There’s no special place that this happens, just wherever he may happen to be.  Obviously, this can be quite startling at times since it’s always unexpected.  But he’s not afraid of the figure.  He was when he was younger, but over the years it’s just become a part of his life.  This is just something he sees at times, and he knows it means him no harm after years of just being watched.

This story fascinated me. What must this be like to have something like this follow you around throughout your life? What is even more fascinating to me is that Victor has never even tried to figure out who this figure is, or what it wants, if anything.  So I decided I was going to research this myself.

Do you know what I found? What I found was even more questions than I started with.  People from all over the world see figures like this.  Many of them have the same questions I do, but there are no answers, partly because people perceive this in so many different ways.  Some people see it as a monk; others describe it as Death himself or a demon from hell. Some feel protected, or like there is a message for them, and even claim to have received gifts.  Others feel terrified because they’re sure it’s come to do harm to them.

So I’m left with more questions than I started with, and I will keep researching this.  What about you?  Have you seen anything like this?

-Written by Adam Norton

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  1. kay says:

    hey, i know what your bro is going through, im 15 now and ive like seen these dark hooded figures for about 2 months now..i was looking for the answer of what is atually is..i dont see it all the time and it only appears in mirrors or anything that i can see my relection in, it stands over me or in my bedroom will be sitting on the end of the bed =\ so yeh if you find anything else please let me know as this thing soes scare me and i want it to go away thanks 😀

  2. Liza Knight says:

    I’ve been seeing this thing for years.. Ever since i was 6. And tonight was the most fascinating it’s ever been with my hooded figure. I was driving home on highway 31, it appeared infront of my vehicle. I had no choice but to drive through it. And as soon as i did so everything in my car stopped working. the heat, the lights, the stereo, brakes, steering… it just stopped… i coasted along the side until i came to a complete stop. It’s never done that to me before…

  3. Dan B says:

    My encounters with the dark cloaked ones are a bit more disturbing then your brother in law. They are hostile and used to be able to inflict harm on me until i was 30 years old when I stopped fearing them. Now when they or one appear it usually disappears without being able to cross over to inflict physical annoyances.

  4. Christian Perez says:

    For several weeks now ive been seeing a dark hooded figure, i never see its face, its very tall but i dnt know wat it is, on few occasions it speaks to me, it told me that its seen me suffer in this world, and heard me beg its name to take me away and that its flattered to do so without leaving by my own hands, it told me the more i see it the closer it is to taking me, ever since this happened ive been rushed to the hospital numerous times for extreme pain and heart conditions i dnt why but they have never happened before, and everytime im in pain my girlfriend says she sees a faded dark figure behind me with its boned hands on my soulders but she only sees it in a reflection, i feel that death is coming to me i am scared to see it wen it appears but im not scared to be taken, my girlfriend is scared for my life… if you know anything please let me kno before time runs out….

  5. Raena says:

    That is terrifying
    :Lucky I’m not haunted:

  6. Pattern Integrity says:

    They used to visit me and my friends quite regularly, but I haven’t seen one in many years. I have never found anyone who knew their name (some people think they are “banshees” but that is a misunderstanding if the Irish Bean Sidhe legend) but in my visions I was told that they are called “omloch” (soft ch, just like the Scots word “loch”). My understanding was always that the omlochs are death angels. They are a special class of being so holy that only they can be responsible for the cruel and unpleasant acts of Fate that the Universe requires to operate according to God’s plan. For this reason, they appear both demonic and holy, depending on your point of view. I don’t think they are very friendly, and I never liked them much. They generally only come during states of sleep paralysis, so if they are haunting you, avoid drugs, get lots of sleep, and try to reduce your stress levels.

  7. susan says:

    i saw this when i was 12yrs old along with my 2 sisters and a friend who was spending the night…we where in bed and talking about deamons and then we saw it walk down the hallway outside our bedroom door… the bathroom nitelite was on whitch was down the hallway so we could make out the thing…we all saw it and we decribed it all in the same way…we were wide a wake so it was defintly real it looked like the ghost of xmas future in a christmas carol…i think we might have acidently sommed it because we were talking about it… my sister was messing with the occult at the time so i think it’s a demonic being and it was there because my sister had stuff around the house to do with all that…i wonder if other people who have seen them have any quji boards our other ocult stuff around? i think thats why there there… anyway that was the only time we saw it… my mom threw everything out of my sister’s ocult stuff after that… why it apears a figure in this form i’m stumped… im trying to figure it out also…

  8. amy says:

    I have seen the hooded figure twice. Both times I woke from sleep to see it standing in the doorway staring. Both times my dogs jumped off the bed after it as I was trying to convince myself I was dreaming. What is it?

  9. michael says:

    I live in the uk and have always been pretty sceptical about all these things and i am not religious. I am 28 years old. But i cannot ignore what i know i saw 2 years ago. I was living at my inlaws farm while me and the misses were looking for a house. Went out to the barn for a ciggy (smoke) as i usually did as her mum n dad didnt like tobacco. Was about 8pm and quite dark. Anyways was having my smoke looked at the ground looked back up and about 10 meteres strait infront of me was a dark black hooded figure about 6ft tall with bright menecing eyes. I ran back to the house pretty shooken up. Never seen it since but i know what i saw. Decided to google it the other day and was suprised at how many people claim to have seen simular. Personelly i hope i dont know what it was and dont really want to. I did get the feeling it wasnt friendly.

  10. michael says:

    bright red eyes i think i missed that out

  11. Ashley says:

    I began seeing a figure like him when i was 13.
    He never harmed me, or scared me. He simply observed. Long story short, I got my answer. I am a psychic/medium, and he showed me who he was. He took the bad people who had died and tortured them. I don’t know why he showed me, all i know is that he was a gentle spirit with a cruel past. That was the last time i saw him, and that is the only answer i have had.

  12. Tessa stone says:

    I’ve only seen a Dark Hooded Figure once, It was around the time i was in 7th grade. My dad was repainting my room, and putting in a new wooden floor, so i had to sleep in the living room. While i was sleeping on my mattress that was put on the floor. I woke up to use the bathroom, it was around 2, or 3am. Before i got up, i looked over towards the bathroom, my eyesite was kinda blurry, but i could still make it out. Because of my hallway being so dark, I only seen the top hooded part, it was as tall as the door that it was standing infront of, it was looking towards my dad’s bedroom door, then it slowly turned it’s head, and looked directly at me. At first i froze for about a second, then quickly hide under my blanket, i waited a few seconds, then peeked out, and it was gone.

  13. Jen Kempen says:

    I see one when I am having problems with my depression. I had some terrifying encounters with it in dreams a couple of years ago when I was going through some really bad times.

  14. Emily says:

    I’ve had one thats followed me around for years now, appx.10 yrs. Its always unsettling. He’s not aggressive every time, sometimes he just stares. I’ve done a lot of research and no ones really sure what they are, but sightings of them have more than doubled in the past couple years. Some think they are demons, others say they are just negative spirits that havent moved on, or been “cleansed” so they still appear frightening. Im not sure what they are, but they definitly stop you in your tracks when you see them.

  15. Meander Lane says:

    I saw something like this when I was 14.

    I lived with my parents in a Victorian town house on the south coast of England. For quite some time, I was troubled about one corner of my bedroom where the airing cupboard was. I used to glance over to it night after night, half expecting to see something appear. I don’t know if there’s any truth in this but I remember hearing some story back then about ghosts being attracted to a source of heat so maybe that was the reason for the irrational fear.

    One night I remember waking up, looking over to the airing cupboard & there it was. It was average height for a man, wasn’t black, kind of grey/white, robed & hooded with it’s head bowed & I could see right through it. It didn’t move, didn’t speak, it just stood there. I don’t know how long for as I was so scared, I just rolled over, pulled the covers over my head & went back to sleep. That’s the first & hopefully last time I’ve seen it.

    Forgive the free advertising, Meander Lane’s a band & we’re about to make a music vid involving spooky stuff. That’s what got me thinking about it again. I’d be curious to know if anyone else has seen something like this.

    I’ve had 2 other weird experiences in places I’ve worked which happen to have been haunted (one by a poltergeist) but not actually ‘seen a ghost’ since I was 14.

  16. AmberC says:

    Since the birth of my daughter (who is now 5) I have seen a black figure, only at night , but feel it is always around.The first time I seen this figure, I was laying in bed AWAKE and heard someone say “Amber” so I looked towards my bedroom door (it was open)and i seen a black figure standing there and in an evil voice it kept saying “Amber come with me”, I was sooo scared I pulled the blankets over my head , tried to scream but couldnt make a sound,i was hitting my husband in his side trying to wake him, but he wouldnt budge or move a muscle!!! I was so afraid it would go for my boys…the next morning my oldest son (who was 5 at the time told me he seen what he thought was a guy in all black talking to him in his room!!!!!!!!!! After that night when i would see this figure it wouldnt speak it would just stair at me and now I will wake up , feeling choked, held down like i can’t move and i see the black figure over me…. then it will move towards my daughters bed and i am so scared I cannot make a sound! I put a night light by her bed. I haven’t seen it go near her since, but i see it ALOT at night when I open my eyes. Always the same scenario! It has only spoke once to me , or made a noise. No matter what I’m doing, even as I write this I feel it is watching me. It scares the living crap out of me and I myself feel like a scared child. I just wish it would go away! If ANYONE finds a way to keep it away please let me know!!! Thank you! (Scared in Indiana!)

  17. dre wilson says:

    I just turned 15 and i had this experience twice and it puzzles me and it just stands over me and just stares at me

  18. dre wilson says:

    I had this experience twice in the same night and it just puzzles me im fiffteen and i just wanna know what it was it just stood over me and stared but i was asleep it was a black hooded figure i didn’t wanna make eye contact with it but i saw it at the corner of my eye i will never forget that thank god we moved outof that house.

  19. Kyle says:

    When I was young between the ages of 7 and 10 I was afraid of nothing because I knew nothing to be afraid of. I was a very sheltered child and the only thing that I was afraid of was a toy monkey. Well one might I awoke from my sleep and standing against the wall about three feet from my bed stood a black hooded figure. It was almost like a shadow except you couldn’t see through it and it was much darker and much more real. I had just awoken and rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I wasn’t. It just stood there for a few more seconds and then it started to slowly move toward me and bend over and attempt to reach for me. I was paralyzed with fear string straight up in my bed now! I managed to move and ran out of that room screaming with horror to my parents room. It was the most real terrifying experience of my life and the experience still haunts me and I’m 21 now. I’ve never seen it again, but I remember the feeling I had when I saw it and now I have a very hard time sleeping alone in te dark without fearing that thing. Oh and this doesn’t match as many descriptions as I’ve read, but this thing didn’t have a human face. I couldn’t see a face it was pure black, but I could see some kind of large oblong nose almost like a massive snout like a dog. Anyone else see one with a snout type face?

  20. Bob says:

    I have only seen a hooded figure once and that was one time too many. It happened 6 years ago. My 22 year old son lived with me and had a bedroom across the hall from me. One morning I found he was sleeping out in our living room on the couch. I woke him up and suggested he go to his bed and sleep. He said he would never sleep in his bedroom again. He said the night before he had just turned off his light and TV and right after that his TV came on showing only static. The volume bar on the TV went up and down, up and down repeatedly. Then a dark, faceless hooded figure appeared at the base of his bed and glided over to the top of his bed. The next thing he felt was a hard and fast vibration on the back of his neck. He was immediately paralized and tried to yell for me but could not speak.It only lasted for 15 or so seconds and then the figure was gone along with the paralysis.

    I told my son he must have been sleeping and that could not have happened. He said no way was he asleep and he knew it happened. I laughed it off and didn’t think another thing of it… until I went to bed that night. Unbelievably I had just turned out my light and turned my TV off when the TV came on, showing only static and the volume bar that went up and down repeatedly. The hooded figure appeared at the base of my bed and came around to me and vibrated my neck. I was paralyzed and immediately prayed for God to intervene. It ended almost immediately. Everything was exactly as happened to my son the night before. I apologized to my son the next day and told him about my experience. It was scary as hell. I feel it was pure evil and not of this earth.

  21. r says:

    Iv just googled it and found this blg. Iv just seen one and cant sleep now.
    Im in the uk. Its my birthday today im over 35 but wont give my exact age,

    I am sleeping next to my 5 year old boy.
    About 30min ago, i seen it when i went to cover my boy with a quilt

    I happened to glance in the mirror. And saw a young figure all in black sitting on the top corner of the wardobe, looking at the floor
    Or my bed. (i had a side view) it was like when people sit when they rest there ch

  22. r says:

    Rest there chin on both palms..it had a hood
    Looked lile a monk or witch..
    I thought it was a quilt or jacket somebody left (its
    not my room)…..when i looked over to check it was gone..
    the time was about 7.AM

    my arms anf legs starzef feeling like sharp pain and chest started getting heavy

  23. r says:

    I have had a history of sleep poralasis.. And had a talisman for it and it got a lot better. I had often felt like a figure like what i saw standing over me during sleep poralisis and then get a heavy chest.

    I forgot to mention i see faces and figures all the time in objects. Posters,wallpaper,waterdrops,etc and the other night i was filming my son and it looked like a scary face next to him on his blanket..

    I fear for my boy now..he has been so scared of the house for a few months now but doesnt say why…im going to ask if he has saw anyrhing and will post on hear again….i have to mention that 2nights ago i lit a candle in open flame in the garden to practise shooting, i hope its got nothing to do with that…

    Sorry for the grammer and spelling mistakes..im rushing this

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