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Dark Hooded Figures

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Dark Hooded Figure

Dark hooded figures….

Google it, and see what comes up.  Seeing all those results and reading the stories online, it makes me feel like maybe I’m the only on that hasn’t seen them.  It’s a topic that fascinates me.  Not only that they exist, but what are they? They are called many different things, but the descriptions and stories are very similar. Where do they come from?  Are they good, evil, or indifferent? Why do they come, and how do they choose who they appear to?  These are just a few of the list of questions my mind generates as I find more and more accounts of people seeing these figures.  Let me tell you why I became interested in this.

Awhile back, I was talking to my brother-in-law, Victor.  He seems to be either sensitive, or have something about him that attracts spirits to him. This also appears to run in their family.  They each have quite a few stories over the years of paranormal experiences.  When you listen to the stories, you first think how unlucky he must have been to have lived in so many haunted places throughout his life. How could someone have such bad luck to run into it again and again? But then he tells you something that makes it all clear.  It’s not the places he lives in, it’s him. He is followed.

He is 48 years old now, and he claims that he has had a dark, hooded figure appear to him, again and again, throughout his entire life.  To him, the figure looks like an old, robed, monk. It doesn’t speak.  It doesn’t gesture.  It just appears, and stares at him.  This is not while he’s coming in or out of sleep.  This is when he’s wide awake. There’s no special place that this happens, just wherever he may happen to be.  Obviously, this can be quite startling at times since it’s always unexpected.  But he’s not afraid of the figure.  He was when he was younger, but over the years it’s just become a part of his life.  This is just something he sees at times, and he knows it means him no harm after years of just being watched.

This story fascinated me. What must this be like to have something like this follow you around throughout your life? What is even more fascinating to me is that Victor has never even tried to figure out who this figure is, or what it wants, if anything.  So I decided I was going to research this myself.

Do you know what I found? What I found was even more questions than I started with.  People from all over the world see figures like this.  Many of them have the same questions I do, but there are no answers, partly because people perceive this in so many different ways.  Some people see it as a monk; others describe it as Death himself or a demon from hell. Some feel protected, or like there is a message for them, and even claim to have received gifts.  Others feel terrified because they’re sure it’s come to do harm to them.

So I’m left with more questions than I started with, and I will keep researching this.  What about you?  Have you seen anything like this?

-Written by Adam Norton