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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Fellow TAPS Family Member, LA Spirits is hosting Louisiana’s FIRST Paranormal Convention! Among the guests is our very own Director of Demonology John Zaffis, and other professionals in the field today!


Click Here for More Information on This Exciting Event!

TAPS Paramagazine now available in book stores!!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008



Saturday, June 7th, 2008

A surprise or two is in store….


New T-Shirt Design by Scotty Roberts

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Scotty Roberts has created an amazing t-shirt design for The Paranormal Source, Inc. These t-shirts will be available to purchase within the next month, and the proceeds will be applied directly to funding future investigations and research projects. We thank him for his efforts and we absolutely love the new design!

Thanks To Frank Sumption!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

April Slaughter, along with the investigative team, would like to thank Frank Sumption for his willingness to build one of his ‘Frank’s Boxes’ for us. We find ourselves very fortunate and are deeply indebted to him for his contributions.

Frank's Box # 37


The P.S. will be conducting serious research with all EVP-ITC devices we have acquired and will be sharing that information with the public. Frank has inspired many people to investigate the technology and large strides in the research are being made as a result.

While Frank would love to build the boxes for all those who request them, he regrets that he simply does not have the time or resources to fulfill every request. We are truly grateful to have received ours today. Thank you Frank!

Paranormal Fundraiser

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

The Paranormal Source, Inc. is very excited to announce that we will be holding a fundraiser which will launch on June 1, 2008. This is no ordinary fundraiser! Our dear friends and colleagues in the paranormal field have generously offered to donate unique and exciting items to assist us in raising funds for our team. 100% of the proceeds from this auction will be applied to help raise funds for establishing the non-profit corporation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and the rising costs of investigation and research.

Details on the donated items will be reserved for the day we launch the fundraiser, but you can look forward to bidding on items from:

Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson
of The Atlantic Paranormal Society & the SciFi Channel’s GHOST HUNTERS

Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Author of 31 Books including The Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Spirits

John Zaffis
“The Godfather of Ghost Hunters” & renowned Demonologist

Patrick Burns

Chris Fleming
of the Biography Channel’s DEAD FAMOUS

Chad Calek

Marcus Leader
of Leader Research
and more being added every day!

If you have a unique item related to the paranormal field you would like to donate to the cause, please contact us at and we will coordinate with you!

~The Paranormal Source Team

Book Project

Monday, April 21st, 2008

April Slaughter is working on a book project where she will be collecting information from paranormal investigators on the effect their research has on their personal lives. She will be collecting testimonials and experiences from investigators all over the world to find out how investigating the paranormal has impacted their religious, work, and personal relationships. If you would like to participate in this project, please check back soon as there will be an online form you can download and submit posted here on the P.S. Inc. website.

Open Paranormal Discussion Forum

Friday, March 21st, 2008

April Slaughter, in collaboration with ‘Alien Dave’ Rosenfeld & The Utah UFO Hunters, has created an open paranormal discussion forum. OFFPLANET is a board where all things paranormal are discussed and examined. Please feel free to sign up and share your views with us! We look forward to seeing you there.

Click here to visit OFFPLANET : A UUFOH & Paranormal Discussion Forum

Demonology In Depth

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

April Slaughter had the opportunity to sit down with our Advisory Director of Demonology John Zaffis for an in-depth interview on the subject for a series of articles to be published in TAPS Paramagazine. The first of these articles will be issued in the latest edition of the publication. For more information on subscribing to the magazine, click the image below.


April’s focus was to shed light on the current interest in Demonology, and her interviews with John will divide fact from fiction. They discuss the personal and professional impact his involvement in possession cases has had, his views on how to handle a number of different situations, and advice for those seeking help with difficult paranormal situations.

For questions or comments on the article, please contact April directly at

Important Additions to the Advisory Board

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

The Board of Directors has extended our Advisory Board with two new members. Adam Blai has accepted the role of Advisory Director of Demonology & Psychology. Chad Calek has accepted the role of Advisory Director of Field Investigations.

Both of these individuals bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the Paranormal Source, Inc. Team and we are honored to be working with them. Our Advisory Board is an impressive collective of experienced and professional individuals whom we are very proud to have on the team. We thank all of them for their continued support and contributions.