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The Bull Ring

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

The Paranormal Source, Inc. recently investigated a location in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards known as the Bull Ring. Founders April & Allen Slaughter happened upon this amazing building while conducting research for April’s upcoming book Ghosthunting Texas and were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Bull Ring has a few ghostly inhabitants of its own. Today, the building serves as a Texas Wine Cellar, a place to grab a beer on-the-go or a cup of Starbucks Coffee. It also features an immense and impressive collection of original Texas art. In the past, the building has been everything from a bar to a speak-easy and gambling hall, as well as a cafe.

While our initial investigation did not provide evidence in the way of video or anomalous photography, several interesting EVPs were captured. A select few of these audio clips are posted below.

Frank’s Box #38 Recording : “Sounds like…Ben Franklin.”
Investigator April asks about an individual in the basement bathroom, and the box provides this response. Keep in mind that the scan rate is continuous and does not have the opportunity to rest on any one station or broadcast for more than a fraction of a second.

Digital Audio Recording (EVP) : “No.”
April asks, “The lights are pretty aren’t they?” A disembodied voice appears to answer.

Digital Audio Recording (EVP) : Unidentifiable Man’s Voice
Investigator Gabriella is asking questions as a gruff-sounding male voice speaks over her. What exactly he is saying it yet to be determined.

Digital Audio Recording (EVP) : “Help me…”
You will also hear strange noises shortly after the voice speaks. Our investigators are heard talking in the background.

Digital Audio Recording (EVP) : “Us.”
Investigator Adam states that he saw movement in the corner, to which a disembodied voice replies.

Frank’s Box #38 Recording : “Lie…You will.”
April assures whomever is present that she will not repeat herself in her questioning. A consistent voice first speaks underneath her on the box.

The Catfish Plantation

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

The Paranormal Source investigative team was extremely pleased to investigate the Catfish Plantation restaurant in Waxahachie, TX. Our team recently spent time getting to know the owners of the property, and hearing their experiences along with those of the patrons about the ghostly activity reportedly lurking around the restaurant.


While no photographic or video evidence was collected, we were able to capture several EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) during our initial investigation of the property. The voices you hear in the recordings below do not belong to anyone accompanying us on the investigation that evening.

Catfish Plantation EVP #1 : “Look at me.”

Catfish Plantation EVP #2 : “Hi…come in.”

The Catfish Plantation is worth a visit should you ever find yourself in North Texas. Quite simply, their catfish is the best we’ve ever had.

Frank’s Box # 37 Recording

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

On the evening of May 21, 2008 Allen & April Slaughter conducted their first recorded session with Frank’s Box # 37. Below is a clip from that recording that we feel is interesting. We will not be posting what we believe it to say, but would rather you yourself take a listen and give us your opinion.

Frank's Box # 37

Click here to listen to the Frank’s Box # 37 Recording – 5/21/08

Private Residence / Forreston, TX

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

The Paranormal Source received a case referral via the TAPS Family Network in which a mother was concerned over activity reportedly focused around her 2 year-old daughter. She reported a large intimidating shadow figure moving around her daughter’s room, to which her daughter would react being extremely frightened. Apparitions (both full & partial) have been witnessed in the home by several individuals, including our investigators. EVP sessions conducted on the property revealed some interesting results which were later validated by CJ Sellers (Advisory Director of Psychical Mediumship) without giving her any details of the occurrences or investigation findings.

The case was referred to Adam Blai for review, as we as investigators believe a negative influence may be present in the home. As this is a private residence, we will not be making the evidence collected in the home available for public viewing in the interest of maintaining client confidentiality. The family is aware that we will be posting very limited information regarding their case and has given us consent to post at our discretion. We will be continually following up with this case until the family is comfortable and a resolution is reached.

UPDATE: The Paranormal Source team has met with the family and presented them with a case file that included a great deal of evidence. We are happy to report that they are receiving assistance from the Roman Catholic church and are much more at ease in their home. Our thanks go out to Adam Blai for all of his assistance.

The Iris Theater

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

The Paranormal Source team was invited in to investigate the Iris Theater in Terrell TX. The building has a rich history of events, and we found it such a privilege to visit and document our experience there. We have been invited back for several more follow-up investigations, including a full overnight stay as soon as schedules can be coordinated. More information on this case to follow shortly…

Iris Theatre

INVESTIGATION STATUS: The Paranormal Source, Inc. team will be returning to the Iris Theater building soon! The owners of the building have graciously invited us back in. For those interested in attending this investigation, please e-mail

*Please keep in mind that due to the size of the building, only a limited number of investigators will be allowed to attend.

Salt Lake City ‘SHADOWMAN’

Monday, February 18th, 2008

April Slaughter (previously known by the name April Page) founded Utah’s Unexplained; a paranormal research and assistance team, with her investigative partner James Boley in 2006. The team was invited to investigate claims of activity at a location called THE DEPOT in downtown Salt Lake City. It is a historic site that once housed the Pacific Union Railroad station. The upper floor of the location is now a lounge and concert area. While in the Men’s bathroom, April witnessed what she described as a ‘large shadowy black mass’ that at first glance she believed to be one of her fellow investigators. However, no other investigators were present with her in the pitch black bathroom at the time. She reported feeling what she thought was a finger run up her spine, and then the mass quickly dissipated.

She then moved to the Women’s restroom (where dozens of experiences had been reported) and the team all experienced the sense of an ominous presence in the room. It is also interesting to note that when the investigators asked for a sign of the presence, one would occur in the fashion they had asked. For instance, when asked to slam a bathroom stall door, one would inexplicably slam. When asked to flush a toilet, one would flush. This went on for several minutes.

April moved toward the end of the stalls and again saw the shadowy mass. At this time, she asked James to snap a digital photograph in that direction. The photo below is what he captured. This photo in its original file format revealed no altering of the EXIF data (history and details of the photograph). It is shown here in PSD format, but has had absolutely NO re-touching. The black & white photo obviously has had editing to bring out the contrast in the mass itself. Upon his initial review of all of the photos taken that evening, James contacted April and informed her of his hesitance to share the photo as he felt it was ‘too good’. Upon April’s urging, he released the photo and it has caused quite a stir in several arenas.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley uses the photo in her lectures on the Shadowpeople phenomenon, and Chris Fleming has also featured it on his website

SHADOWMAN PHOTO (Non-contrast)Shadowman (non-contrast photo)

SHADOWMAN PHOTO (High-contrast)Shadowman (high-contrast photo)

Recording from ‘The Box’ at the Stanley Hotel

Monday, February 18th, 2008

A small group of individuals were allowed in to an undisclosed section of the property at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado this past November. April & Allen Slaughter took ‘The Box’ with them for this part of the investigation. While the entire group heard several different messages clearly spoken from the box, the recording came out entirely different from our personal experience. This recording in particular was not something any of us had heard during the session.

Click here listen : Stanley Hotel Box Recording